Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fit for a Princess!

My Little Princess Stool!
I have been sewing for years and of late I have been wanting to take on slip covers.  
My first one here is a simple one, but I am very proud of my little princess stool. 
I have shown step by step how I created it, if anyone has any suggestions on making it easier or better I would love to hear from you!

I have to thank my friend Amy from Maison Decor for suggesting this idea to go with a 
vanity that I have had for awhile. With no luck of finding a chair to fit in between the opening because it's too narrow, luckily I had a stool that was just right! I'll show a pic of the stool with the vanity in a later post.

Here's a close-up showing how beautiful the fabric is, this is heavy home decor fabric, 
can you believe I bought it for $3 a yard??!!  Great Deal.

Okay, here's the before pic. 

First I primed, painted in a bright white and distressed.

After the distressing was done, 
I added a cushioned seat with foam and batting, 
then covered with plain white fabric.

In order to get the size right for the top, 
I flipped the stool upside down and traced a circle around it on the fabric 
(leaving plenty of extra for sewing). 

 To get a good circle I folded it in quarters and cut the corner 
(I hope this makes sense). 
Then I created the piping (my first time : ) 
I also made cuts into the fabric and the piping to make it sit properly, 
here it is pinned together, now for sewing!

Then, I made the skirt. 
I went around the stool approx. twice so I would have plenty of fabric to gather. 
I hemmed the bottom and sewed ends together. 
For gathering I stitched around the top using a #4 straight stitch 
so I could pull and gather my fabric.

Here it is all gathered and pinned to the top, time to sew!

Here is the skirt stitched to the top, doesn't look right, does it?!  
At this stage I realized I should have created an edge with piping all around. 
I guess I was getting lazy and wanted to finish! I am going to create a band that goes all around the top, sewing it directly under the piping, that should do it!

I created a long, wide band, 
now I am ready to attach 
(let's hope this does the trick)! 

I am actually finishing this in the middle of the night 
(couldn't sleep)
pics are not great (not much light), 
still using camera in phone : 0 ... until I get a new one.

I think it did the trick!  
What do you think?  Fit for a princess? 
I'd love to hear any suggestions from you seasoned slip cover creators!

I can't wait to start a new one!

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  1. Wowsers! I can't believe how pretty your new blogheader and page are!! Stunning! Do peeps know you are a graphic designer too? I love love love love love it!
    Also the princess slipcover is perfection! You are on a roll.

  2. PS I grabbed your pretty button~proud to have it on my sidebar.

  3. Looks really darling. The added extra was just right!
    smiles, alice

  4. It looks so pretty and gorgeous:))

  5. Love this! Great job. Terry


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