Monday, October 22, 2012

How to give a chest of drawers a beachy look...

 I love the casual, worn, beachy look! 
It's very simple... all you need is a painted chest and a sander!

This chest was already painted, 
all I had to do was get out my 
sander to give it that worn, beachy look!

First, I take out all the drawers and sand them...
I use an orbital sander because it's quick 
(and I'm impatient), and I like to see results FAST!

I make sure I sand around all the edges, 
the knobs, and randomly in-between.

It's really awesome when you have cool colors 
underneath the top coat that get exposed when you sand!

Seafoam green... yellow...

I love chests that have detailed sides 
like this, it really adds to the charm!

I love how the sides look!

I think this look is my favorite!

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