Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Blue Dresser Turned Changing Table!

This dresser was recently purchased by Rustique... The Rehab Boutique

I quickly got started on this new rehab! 

I love the detail on the top drawer and the decorative piece on the back!

First, a coat of primer (Zinsser Bin), it helps 
the paint stick to all surfaces, even glossy ones!

I left the hardware on too!

Two coats of this pretty blue, all over...

All distressed... I added gold Rub 'n' Buff to some of the details. 

I would have taken some close-up pics, but it sold in no time!

The couple that purchase this dresser has a new 
baby boy on the way and this will be used for their changing table!

Thanks for lookin'!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Frenchy Armoire, Ooh La La!!

I love the way this piece came out!

Here she is in her "before" state... yes, I took before pics this time!!

She has lots of potential, but looking pretty plain right now!

She's all primed, getting a white paint job with some light gray dry brushing!

I need to do something to "jazz" her up, 
so I looked through some stencils, I liked the center of this one, 
so I taped it off to get only the area I wanted.

I love it and the chartreuse-y green is so yummy!

I forgot my camera the day I finished her, 
so there are some steps along the way that won't be seen.

There was this oval detail that couldn't really be seen, 
so I decided to distress around it to give this plain armoire some more pizazz.

The dry brushing really adds to it and gives the piece more depth.

I love the drawers inside..

This little chair is a perfect match to the armoire!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty Little Frenchy Desk with Chair to Match!

Here's an after shot of this pretty little frenchy desk...

Of course, as always, so excited to 
start a new project, I forget the before pics!

 It was painted in an off white and dry brushed with a pale gray.

After the dry brush, this pretty little desk was distressed 
and some gold Rub 'n' Buff was added to the details.

Now, the chair to match... again, no before shots! First, it was primed.

I recovered the seat using drop cloth fabric 
from Lowe's, I love the neutral look of it.

She's all painted and dry brushed, just like the desk.

Now for distressing...

I decided to use a stencil in order to dress it up.

Now she's ready for her partner...

Don't they make a good couple?

This bookcase received the same treatment, 
these 3 pieces together would make a pretty little office...

Bookcase $95... Desk $145... Chair $50

Come scoop 'em up before they're gone!


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