Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Repurposed Ironing Board from the Dump!

If you can't tell by now, I like finding treasures at the dump! They are FREE and 
they get to be recreated into something completely different and unique! 
I found this ironing board over the summer, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

It was a great color green to begin with, but I decided to update it with 
a little dry brushing. First I took the legs off, those went back to the dump :)

 I attached it to the wall with a screw, these hooks are meant for 
Christmas ornaments but they work perfectly for other things as well!

I found these at my favorite junk shop, they are meant to go on a peg board for tools, 
but I found two areas where I could attach them on here for tools!

I added some canning jars for paint brushes and sewing supplies.

It's magnetic too! This was a fortune I got, I thought it 
was perfect for me and this was the prefect place for it!
This could be used for just a memo board too.

I have this vintage metal funeral basket, which I love (25 cents at a yard sale)! 
It adds a little color and life.

My sewing table was originally right next to it and I am sure it will be again, 
we all need change once in awhile!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hand Towel Messenger bag

I have always been inspired by vintage linens, this time vintage 
hand/dish towels. I decided to create a bag using two dish towels. 
I was a little gung ho, so I didn't take any during pics. 
The towels were similar to this one.

Here's the finished product, but I will explain how I created it.

 I used one whole towel for the main bag, folding it in half. 
The 2nd towel I used for the strap and reinforcing 
the top of the bag, which is very european.

The strap was a bit too long so I folded it over and stitched.

This is a french nightgown, you can see how it's reinforced on the shoulders.

You can see where I reinforced the top of the bag where I also attached the strap.

 I used one of my many vintage buttons, I thought the yellow complimented the blue stripes.

 I took the original tag from one of the towels and stitched it to the outside as a label.
I  must say, I thought this was a fabulous idea! Yes, I did pat myself on the back : )

 I used extra linen fabric scraps to make pockets on the inside of the bag, on both sides.

This towel still has it's original label! This will be my next one, 
although I only have one towel, maybe it will be a smaller version.

This will be the label on this bag!

I am now on the hunt for more vintage hand/dish towels similar to these!

Monday, February 6, 2012

From the Dump to my Living Room

I go to the dump once a week to take my recycling and I always check out the dumpsters out back to see if I can find some goodies. This was my best find yet! You wouldn't believe what people will throw away, it kills me! There was no way I was leaving this ladder behind.

Do you think it was used on a boat? It has a very beachy feel with that rope.

How awesome is the rope? I left it just as I found it!

I was giddy with excitement, I am going to make a shelf out of it!

I had this awesome old door with a great patina, 
so I attached the ladder to it and leaned it against the wall!

I added some of my bottles and shells, adding to the beachy look.

 My kitty, Tea Tree, is wondering what his Momma is doing!

Great find or what?


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