Sunday, October 31, 2010

Living Room Nook

This is my new favorite little "nook" in the living room, 
thanks to my friend Amy (Maison Decor) for 
giving me this awesome black toile slip covered wing back chair!

I love it!
Isn't it pretty?

This handmade throw goes perfectly!
I picked it up at a thrift shop for $3! Never used!

This painting of hangs above the chair.

My friend, Gloria Najecki, who is an 
AMAZING Pet Portrait Artist 
painted this picture of my Bengal, Myers. 
A special gift flown in from Fort Myers, FL from my Dad.
Four years ago my little monster was hit by a car and killed.
Strangely it happened on my Dad's birthday.
I was completely crushed and still miss him.

Because of Gloria's ability to capture an animal's spirit in 
her paintings, I get to enjoy my special kitty everyday!

Thank you Gloria!

I love boxes and have them all over the place in my home.
They make for great storage!
The top three are antique boxes that parts of machinery or tools came in.
The bottom one is an antique bread box, $5 at a yard sale.

I also tend to collect things that have to do with sewing, 
hence the old wooden spools. To me, they are like little pieces of art!

I also have a small collection of pitchers.

Aren't they just darling?

This picture is of my Mom, she looks like a little doll, doesn't she?

 Here is my collection of bowling pins
sitting in a metal basket just outside the hearth.
I am planning on making over my fireplace/mantle at some point!

The iron was my Grandmother's and has always sat on the hearth.
The limestone frame was dug up steps from the ocean on a friend's property when they 
were putting in a new tennis court, I think he was a little reluctant to let me keep it : )

My new favorite little nook!

I would love to hear your comments, I need followers too!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Bathroom Rehab

This has been an ongoing project for quite some time!  (A few years.)
I bought my grandmother's 1938 cape about 7 years ago.  
One of the first things I did was rip out the small downstairs bath. 
I have no before pics because it was started way before I knew what a blog was! 
The bones were great, but the dated floor (you know that orange-y brick-like linoleum?), 
vanity (pressed board oak) and toilet (almond) were not!
I tore out the floor and put in 12 x 12 gray tile 
(not my first pick, but I was on a budget).  
I really wanted that black and white honey comb tile, 
I would have fit nicely with the era of the house.

This is how the wall has looked for a few years, YUCK!!!
The wall was uneven from my patch job, 
so I decided to use embossed wallpaper to cover all the sins.

Big improvement already!

I only did half of the wall, for various reasons. 
I love the paint color, Smoked Oyster by Behr.
I added this small piece of trim where the paper met the wall.

I chose a pedestal sink because the bathroom is so tiny and I like the look!

This is how the mirror looked before I painted it. 
I picked this up years ago at an antique shop ($20), 
it was painted white and very shabby, I stripped it-- what was I thinking??!!

This vintage curtain was my inspiration for color! 
I found these at a flea market for $4!

Here is the mirror after it's paint job, I love the shabby look!
I love these light fixtures, they are original to the bath.

My cabinet over the toilet goes all the way to the ceiling, so I have plenty of storage!
I love the carved wood knobs! (I have yet to find the other one-- I know I have it somewhere!

These green bottles on the window sill match the mirror perfectly. 

This tray (which was my grandmother's) 
is displayed next to the mirror and above the towel rack. 
It has all the perfect colors!

I found this doily at a thrift store recently for .50!

This plate was picked up at a yard sale for $4.
I just love it's form! It hangs above the window.

An antique washboard hangs on the wall.

This little table sits in the corner and 
stores extra toilet paper on the shelf below.

Here's the bath as you walk in the main entrance.

All the doors in the house have these great glass knobs, 
all with skeleton keys for locking !

There is still some left to do...
hook up the sink and attach the baseboards, find the other knob for the cabinet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Displaying Buttons For Sale

I saw this idea in a shop in Newburyport, MA and thought... 

What a great idea! 

Nobody takes a second look at the buttons in my shop, maybe now, they will!

I have all this great royalty free clip-art on my computer, 
I'm sure The Graphics Fairy has a lot to chose from too!

I made all the images about 3 x 5, some smaller, but all 3" wide. 
I printed as many as I could get on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of white card stock.

I cut them all to size using a cutting mat, exacto knife and metal ruler.

I then cut out pieces of cardboard from a box I had in my recycling bin, using pinking shears. I then glued the card board onto all the backs of the cards for extra support using a glue stick.

I chose buttons for each card, 
depending on their shape and color.
This was a perfect match!

How adorable!

I sewed the buttons on from the back, 
(you only see the thread on the back)
first using a small hole puncher to make life easier.

What do you think?


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