Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pillar Candle Holders Using Repurposed Junk!

One of my customers asked if I had any pillar candle holders, 
she wanted something beachy and possibly made 
out of an old chair leg or something along those lines.  

The wheels were turning... 

I remember making pillar candle holders when I was younger 
out of an old ash tray turned upside down then a tall jar, 
then the cover to the jar upside down stacked onto of one another. 
I think we did some sort of paper mache  then painted them. 
I painted mine dark brown... YUCK! 

This memory got me thinking... 

I had many clear, but kind of pretty ashtrays just sitting around, 
some were coasters, some were candy dishes... 

I'm not a fan of clear glass, but this is a way I could repurpose them.
I had lots of old wooden legs, etc, knowing that I would someday use them for something!

That day had come! 

Here's the first one I created...

...out of an old spool

Which I painted, covered with embossed wallpaper 
and added some gold Rub 'n' Buff. I used epoxy to attach the ashtray 
to the bottom and the candle holder to the top.

This candle isn't big enough, but I wanted people to know 
what it was used for and this is the only size I had.

Lots more to see!

This one is my favorite!

It used to be the base to a three legged table, it's upside down now, 
you can see where I filled the holes where the legs were attached.

The bottom (which used to be the top, where the table top was attached) 
I filled and glued in some vintage buttons.

Painted white, dry brushed and distressed...

I decoupaged some vintage sheet music around this area...

Added a candle holder to the top...


I love how it turned out!

These next two were made from one leg cut in two different lengths.

I attached some hardware...
You could slip some pictures in these label holders..

After distressing I put a coat of Polycrylic to seal them.

This little mold is where the candle will sit...

There was a hole here already so I put on an old knob.
The glass on the bottom was itself a candle holder.

The bottom on this one looks like an old ashtray, 
but it was actually a candy dish.

These two make a great pair!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Decorate for Spring! New things at Rustique!

Matching Chair $45 and Lamp $22 
In Lavender with Hand Painted Flowers

 Art Deco Vanity in Bright White $225

Danish Twin Bed $145

Bedside Table in Bright White $65

Twin End Tables in Bright White $75 each

Great Beachy Magazine Rack $25

Corner Cabinet $595

Telephone Table in Sage Green $85

Chair $48 Matching Table $45

 Two Tier End Table $60

Massive Coffee Table (25" x 70") $175

Chair and Ottoman $145

End Table $65

Taller Dresser $150

Matching Shelf $35

Matching Bedside Table $60


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