Monday, July 25, 2011

Building a Custom Wreath

One of my customers requested that I make him a new wreath for his front door!
I don't get many custom orders, but when I do.... I love it!

I started with a grapevine wreath, that was already covered in greenery.

I start by adding my biggest pieces... 
the fruit and the orchids, this will be the focal point.

Little by little...

piece by piece...

she's getting there...

His house color is a cream and his door barn red, 
I want this wreath to pop and compliment the front of the house!

I love using these vines to wrap around, it gives some nice texture and depth.

Using a lot of different flowers, but in the 
same color combination adds to the texture as well.

A lot of different greenery helps add interest too.


I would love to have this on my front door!
(If only I could afford it!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

From a Damsel in Distress.....

She has turned into a real beauty!

I would love to have her in my own home, but we can't keep every 
incredible piece that comes along, I am sure she will go to a very good home!

I got this girl for a steal at a yard sale, because she needed some work...
...but I knew I was plenty capable of fixing her up!

I forgot to take a pic when she was right side up! 
She is one heavy girl... solid oak!

None of the hardware was original and I could tell she was 
once painted green and stripped down to what she is here.

She has some beautiful details.

One of her drawers didn't slide all the way in, so that needed to be sanded 
quite a bit and the two top drawers needed stoppers put in (not a big deal)!

She's primed! Ready for a pretty pale aqua paint job!

Here's the drawer before distressing...

Here it is after... I was loving how this piece was turning out!

I knew these doors would make the piece!

Here she is in all her glory!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Hutch Transformed

A quick peek of her after the transformation.

Here she is before, lacking some personality...
but she has lots of potential!

The top was made after (in pine) to fit on top of what used to be an oak sideboard.

Her two pieces will mesh nicely once they are both painted the same color.

She's all primed with a coat of paint!

She's put back together and distressed. I added a back to the top with 
some plate rails to the shelves. She has lots of personality now!  
She would be perfect in someone's cottage dining room or kitchen!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Firelace and Mantle

The brick went from dirty and dingy to bright white and beach-y!
First I cleaned it with foaming bathroom cleaner and a scrub brush.

Here's the mirror before, I struggled with whether or not to paint it,
but I am glad I did. I found the frame in my favorite junk shop for $5,
then had a mirror made to size for around $60.
The walls here are a pale yellow, which I hated, so they were 
re-painted in a brown with mauve undertones, I like it so much better!

This is how it looked on Valentine's. The walls re-painted, the brick
painted and the mirror frame, which I loosely painted two colors,
then distressed so that it looked like layers of paint.

Here we are all bright and beach-y!

My chair needs to be re-covered, so right now it has this pretty table
cloth on it, which I purchased for less than $1 (at my favorite junk shop) 
and the pillow came from a thrift store for .50 cents.

I love vintage planters and bottles,
you will find them everywhere in my house!

The pictures are strategically placed to cover the plugs on either
side of the mirror, some day I'd like to have some frenchy-antique sconces
with crystals, but this will do for now : )

The picture seen here is a vintage photo of my brother.

See these sconces that Amy from Maison Decor has?
Exactly what I am looking for!!

Bottles and sea shells!

The fireplace hasn't been used in years,
so I have filled it with some more of my treasures.

The top piece was the start of a boat my grandfather was making,
I like it just the way it is!
As you can see, I still haven't finished painting all the brick...

Old boxes are stacked on top of this suitcase, this was a freebie!

More bottles...

I love these old bicycle baskets!

My son and I collect rocks from the beach and I mark with 
a sharpie which beach they came from and the year.

That's my fireplace and mantle!

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