Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Firelace and Mantle

The brick went from dirty and dingy to bright white and beach-y!
First I cleaned it with foaming bathroom cleaner and a scrub brush.

Here's the mirror before, I struggled with whether or not to paint it,
but I am glad I did. I found the frame in my favorite junk shop for $5,
then had a mirror made to size for around $60.
The walls here are a pale yellow, which I hated, so they were 
re-painted in a brown with mauve undertones, I like it so much better!

This is how it looked on Valentine's. The walls re-painted, the brick
painted and the mirror frame, which I loosely painted two colors,
then distressed so that it looked like layers of paint.

Here we are all bright and beach-y!

My chair needs to be re-covered, so right now it has this pretty table
cloth on it, which I purchased for less than $1 (at my favorite junk shop) 
and the pillow came from a thrift store for .50 cents.

I love vintage planters and bottles,
you will find them everywhere in my house!

The pictures are strategically placed to cover the plugs on either
side of the mirror, some day I'd like to have some frenchy-antique sconces
with crystals, but this will do for now : )

The picture seen here is a vintage photo of my brother.

See these sconces that Amy from Maison Decor has?
Exactly what I am looking for!!

Bottles and sea shells!

The fireplace hasn't been used in years,
so I have filled it with some more of my treasures.

The top piece was the start of a boat my grandfather was making,
I like it just the way it is!
As you can see, I still haven't finished painting all the brick...

Old boxes are stacked on top of this suitcase, this was a freebie!

More bottles...

I love these old bicycle baskets!

My son and I collect rocks from the beach and I mark with 
a sharpie which beach they came from and the year.

That's my fireplace and mantle!

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  1. Wow everything looks really nice......and beachy!!

  2. I love how you changed it to a fresh beachy look. Well I got my sconces at an antique shop about 10 years keep hunting around sister, you will find some!

  3. Oh my!! I love this! I too collect little bottles, jars, big ones, any of them!! And those boxes in the fireplace -- GORGEOUS!! And then the wire basket!! Swooning!! Amazing!!

  4. Your mantle is just gorgeous! I love the mirror, I think it is so much better painted white! Your collection of bottles, and your candlesticks and all of your other treasures make a perfect vignette!

  5. You are so clever in your choices and arrangement. I wish I had your talent!

  6. Gorgeous mantle! Beautiful space you got here. Love the mirror!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. Secondo me sta molto meglio bianca questa cornice!

  8. It looks fresh and fun! Great transformation. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and joining the party.

  9. Wow , love the mirror white, and the mantlepiece is divine xx Ava


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