Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chair Rehab (From dark and dated to soft and chic!)

Here's a sneak peak of the chair after, it has a lot of great detail!

Here it is before, dark and dated....

No seats...

Luckily I have two of them, I was so gung ho on getting 
one of them painted, I didn't take before or during pics.

All I did for the seats is nail down a board and cut foam to fit.

I stapled the drop cloth fabric (witch I love to use) it's durable and neutral.
Then, I created my own trim using the same fabric 
and for a change I used regular old tacks, I like the look!

After the blue paint, I did a quick dry brush with white paint.

Then added gold Rub 'n' Buff on the details of the chairs instead of distressing.

I am really happy with the way it came out, now I have to do the other one to match!

I felt with the rest of the chair being so fancy, 
I would down play the fabric and tacks to give it 
a more casual look, soft and chic!

Now an update on the hole in the back yard...

It keeps getting bigger... maybe we'll put in a coy pond :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Create an outdoor living space (for your plants and flowers)!

Well, I am trying to clean up the front of the shop...
We were given a wicker settee and coffee table (I never say no to FREE)!

Originally I was going to fix them, but they needed a lot of work. 
So I decided to use them as a shop prop instead.

I decided to give them a quick dry brush treatment with white paint.

This only took about ten minutes and it really makes a big difference!

While the settee was more aged than the coffee table 
this treatment gave them a cohesive look.

Because the seat of the settee had not aged, 
I decided to use this tool box as a planter and filled it with daisies my mom had dug up!

This is something you could put out in the yard to make it a more welcoming space.

The planter sold the very next day!

I would add a small pot filled with flowers on the coffee table as well.

So, in about a half an hour, the front of the shop had a whole new look!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playing in the yard!

It was a beautiful day, perfect for playing in the yard!
This is the front of my house where I have this little cottage garden.

I found this iron gate at my favorite junk shop, my garden sign fits perfect in between!

The little rusty table was a freebie.

Do you recognize the planter? 
It's a tire rim I got at the dump!

My impatiens fit nicely in here along with some shells.

I have two of these cast iron birds, another dump find!

My small collection of buoys. 
I don't live near the ocean anymore, but I can pretend I do! 

This is out in front of my shed.
The shutters and planter were freebies.

The end of the shed. 
I need to put actual windows in here, right now I just have screens.

This chair was another freebie.
I used my grandfathers old tractor seat for the seat of the chair.

It doesn't cost a lot to decorate your yard, especially when 
repurposing and recycling otherwise throw away items.

And as I was doing this.... 
my eight year old, Sullivan, was digging up the yard!!

He was very proud of this huge hole he dug (me, not so much)
I guess that's just what boys do!!!


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