Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playing in the yard!

It was a beautiful day, perfect for playing in the yard!
This is the front of my house where I have this little cottage garden.

I found this iron gate at my favorite junk shop, my garden sign fits perfect in between!

The little rusty table was a freebie.

Do you recognize the planter? 
It's a tire rim I got at the dump!

My impatiens fit nicely in here along with some shells.

I have two of these cast iron birds, another dump find!

My small collection of buoys. 
I don't live near the ocean anymore, but I can pretend I do! 

This is out in front of my shed.
The shutters and planter were freebies.

The end of the shed. 
I need to put actual windows in here, right now I just have screens.

This chair was another freebie.
I used my grandfathers old tractor seat for the seat of the chair.

It doesn't cost a lot to decorate your yard, especially when 
repurposing and recycling otherwise throw away items.

And as I was doing this.... 
my eight year old, Sullivan, was digging up the yard!!

He was very proud of this huge hole he dug (me, not so much)
I guess that's just what boys do!!!


  1. I spotted those buoys right away, love them! The tire rim planter is genius!
    I love everything about your yard decorations...everything but the hole, lol.

  2. Really cute Bridget! But Sullivan needs a sandbox!!

  3. Hey, look who is above me.............Amy! well bridget,that's how I just found you. Blame it on Amy. Happy to be here. I'm a fellow Granite Stater just in Stratham, so not too far. I'll have to make a day of it, your shop sounds wonderful! LOVE the buoys. They look fantastic. I really need to string some on the front of our shed. love the hole too - wink wink.

  4. Maybe you could make a little pond in that hole that your son made! Lemonade from lemons and all right? Your yard art is lovely.


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