Monday, September 6, 2010

Curbside Rescue & Then Some!

Little Dresser Rehab & Some Accessories!

This piece needed a lot of TLC
The poor thing was put out to the trash and it was calling my name!

(I can't stand to see something go to the dump 
when it has potential and can easily be rehabbed.)

What a mess!  Now look at it! 

I put the drawer with the missing edge down at the bottom, 
so it's less noticeable, it is shabby chic after all! 

I also lined all the drawers with pretty paper!

Now this chair and handmade pillow have the perfect companion...

Along with my new Memo Boards. I love the way these came out!

I couldn't use the wallpaper on the back of these because of the shape, 
so I used fabric attached with upholstery tacks.

It can be hung horizontally or vertically!

I am using these to display some of the vintage jewelry in the shoppe.

 I love this red frame!

I hope you have enjoyed one of my many rehab projects!

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  1. I love your frame with fabric and chicken wire! It is really pretty Bridget, and anything you rescue just comes to life! What a pretty vignette, I can see this in someones guest room....

  2. Beautiful! Was it alot of work? I hate seeing usuable items go to the dump as well. Thanks for sharing. (I am just in front of you at Metamorphosis Monday) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great rescue!! Love it! I would have totally picked that up too! The frames came out great as well! Love the chicken wire ~ what a great touch! :)

  4. You did a great job... love the frames and chicken wire too.

  5. It looks amazing! Great rescue. I love the shabby chic look. That red frame is pretty awesome. The chunkiness of it is just calling my name!

    I'm having a Scentsy giveaway on my blog! I'd love it if you joined! Have a great day!

  6. Beautiful work! You just have to have a vision of how the piece will look. Some people don't see sure did! Great job! By the way I am your newest follower. Lisa


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