Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hinged Box Re-do & Child's Rocker

First up....  Adorable Child's Rocker


This is how it looked before...

This is being re-done for a little boy's first birthday!

Happy Birthday!  We hope you like it!

Next up...   Storage/Toy Box Makeover 
Here's the before. Not too pretty, 
but the hinges are great and I love boxes of any kind!

I wanted to keep this fairly simple, 
so I decided to paint it all one color, Parchment White.

Hinges and all! Keeping it all one color gives 
it a simple and updated look with a little bit of glam!

While working with this piece, I realized it was a pain 
in the but to move around, so I added some fancy rope handles.

The inside wasn't too pretty either, so I decided to line it with some pretty fabric. 
First, I sewed a fabric box and hemmed the edge, attaching the fabric with upholstery tacks.

I wouldn't mind putting anything in here now!
It could be used as a toy box for a little girl, or storage for any big girl!

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  1. That is a gorgeous color, and this looks like a wonderful blog...I'm a'followin' :)

    Thanks for your visit to my place!

  2. Just wanted to say the lucky Birthday Boy LOVES his new rocking chair! Thank you!!


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