Monday, September 27, 2010

Viva Vintage!!!

I am so in love with this, I had to share.

Am I crazy... (my boyfriend would say "stop right there, YES!") 
okay, let me finish... for loving this vintage dresser?

It came straight out of a cottage on the lake.
Don't you just love these little Danish Girl & Boy decals?

I didn't have to do much to it, but it was a little grungy.  
So I took the sander to it, then went over the edges with Howards Beeswax, which brings out the richness of the wood. 
(I do this on all my distressed pieces.)

Look at the patina now, woo hoo! These colors are amazing!


It even has a hinged towel rack on the side!

So this is the before...

And here's the after...  
It's for sale!!! A bargain at $160!!

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  1. Soo cute Bridget! I love it! I love childrens vintage chests and dressers- they are so appealing just for their size and usually have really charming colors- as yours does! Just darling! :)

  2. What a fun find. I do love the decals and that vintage style. The colors are amazing. So glad you didn't paint it up and I work with furniture and I am doing crazy paint stuff to it all the time but you have to know when to be a bit more hands off. You get it.
    Nicely done.

  3. Beautiful work, Bridget. Love the Blog!

  4. There is something very charming about anything made for a child, especially furniture. This little bureau with the cute danish images applied is very sweet, and after seeing it in person I could imagine doing a whole nursery room around this inspiration point. Checkered curtains in green and cream...a wall mural of the little boy with his finger in the dike from the nursery tale and windmills turning in the background....a seagrass rug...well thats where my mind went when I saw this chest!


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