Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowy Weather....

Okay... I've had enough!!

I do love this picture though, taken from my upstairs bathroom window. 
It's very calm and serene, with flakes still falling from the sky in the sunshine.

We have really been hit hard with snow storms this winter, 
my son has had one snow day a week for the past month!

This is our pathway out the door!

My little guy isn't even happy about it anymore!!

I'm very grateful that my neighbor snow blows a path 
from our driveway to theirs, which is where the bus stop is.

It's a good thing we don't use the front door!
I will be painting the house in the spring/summer a light grey like our 
shed out back, probably time for the eagle above the door to go too!

Piles and piles of snow!! 

This pic is taken from the driveway, we use this side entrance.

Can't wait for spring!!  Let's hope the groundhog is right!


I guess I spoke too soon... more snow....


  1. Looks like a scene from a fairytale movie.

    Your house is so cute Bridget! It is the perfect house for someone as cute as you. I love the little shed too. It looks beautiful in the snow cover, what a yard you have. Thank goodness for good neighbors. Say hi to Sullivan!

  3. Oh girl! I bet you have had enough. It all at least melts between storms here in Texas. We only had enough to make it look lovely for a few days and keep everyone home (down here they don't know how to drive on ice so it shuts everything down) I came from farther North so I laughed at them when they closed the school till I saw them drive) Hoping yours melts soon.


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