Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just The Thing to Start Decorating for Spring!

Here are some new items we just recently put in the shop. 
Email me with any questions regarding dimensions, etc. 
Remember... first come, first served!
You will also find these items and more on the
"Shop @ Rustique" page at the top of my blog.

This trunk is in excellent condition! | $85
It still has all it's leather straps intact, along with the handles.
It does have the insert, also in great condition. 
(forgot to take a picture, but if you are interested, I will send you one)

 The original tag reads" Fred W. Wood-Fort Monroe, VA"

Mirror  | $45 |
Painted in a blue-green and distressed.

End Table  | $55 |
Painted in a light blue/green and distressed
Shelf for extra storage, the top is unique with two levels.

Bookcase  | $85 |
Painted in a light aqua and distressed. Back is lined with anaglypta.

Large French Provincial Desk  | $115 |
Painted in a light aqua and distressed.

Butcher Block  | $195 |

Beautiful Twin Bed  | $95 |
Painted in a light aqua and distressed.

Antique Dresser  | $160 |
Painted in a light blue-green and distressed with glass knobs.

Cute Side Table  | $48 |
Painted in a light blue-green and distressed with anaglypta top.

Cute Desk with Lots of Options  | $125 |
Painted in a light gray-green and distressed. Open for more surface space or close for a small space. 
This was an old sewing machine, which was taken out and the top filled. Great for computer, sewing or vanity!


  1. Great shop filled with treasures....they are all over my house!

  2. Oh! such nice items for your shop. That trunk is nice. I have one with a rolled top, not in as nice condition. Wish it had a flat top on it--I'd use it for a table top and storage. Mine is really just storage.
    That little green table is pretty nice too.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. What a lovely shop, pity it wasn't in Ireland!

  4. Your pieces are lovely, I hope to one day have my stuff in a booth :)

  5. What beautiful pieces!! :)

    I dream of opening my own antique booth someday.

  6. OMG, you have lots of good stuff for sale. You've also done a wonderful job of giving each piece new life.



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