Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sofa Table Transformation

I couldn't bear to show the before picture first, it was U-G-L-Y!

But that was going to change very quickly....

This was a Craigslist find, not at all what I was picturing... 
(even though I saw a picture lol)

I was a little disappointed when it arrived, nevertheless 
this sofa table was going to shine when I was done with it!

To me, this table makes no sense. It looks like someone 
took spare parts and created a table out of them!

I primed the whole thing, including the hardware, 
then painted it a beige with green undertones.

It's better... but then I dry brushed white over the beige, it's getting there.

The distressing is really going to make all the difference...

Can you see how the green comes through after it was distressed?

I am completely happy with it! It no longer 
looks like it was put together with spare parts!

Time to decorate!!!

I love these leaded glass doors, 
I think they make the perfect pairing!

A couple of glass bottles with 
faux pearl necklaces around their necks...

A pretty floral....

This didn't last but two days in the shop! 
The leaded glass windows sold too!

That's not all that sold...  it was a good day!

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  1. Sounds like a good fall is ahead~I can see why those items sold. I hope to by tomorrow!! Woohoo~unless its violently raining....ugh.

  2. A charming transformation! I would be delighted for you to link to Potpourri Friday, in progress!

  3. Really really gorgeous! And those windows are to die for!

  4. Ummmm...totally awesome! Great craigslist find and transformation. Visiting from Southern Style, Angela

  5. Whenever I see the first picture of the furniture you find I think to myself. How is she going to make this beautiful. I then scroll down to the near bottom and see the finished project and my eyes light up. You always surprise me when you find a way to make something beautiful.

    -Zane of ontario honey l

  6. Looks like it came out of grave yard. Could be something goodwill would not sell.

  7. Wow, you simply have a way to transform even the ugliest piece into a magnificent one. Kudos to you! I really love the transformation, honestly. That is why I wouldn’t wonder if it was purchased right away. That was really a great job! I’m dying to see what your new project is. Hope to see more next time!

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